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September twelve, 2016 submitting ... Siddhartha ... the river returns ??? is HRC collapse on the with the world trade Middle yesterday (the fifteenth anniversary of 911 trade center "assault") and her owned news media caught red handed in a canopy up the river returning for your bush clinton crime families ... if she loses the "election" the court docket situations sure to ensue would open up the door to your many years with the clinton bush crime loved ones mega disasters starting with whitewater plus the S&L scandal and even to your JFK assassination - John Kennedy Jr. assasination which authorized HRC to realize the NY senate seat - WACO mass murder - the cocaine operation in mena arkansas which experienced moved to Waco Tx leading to hillary to begin the siege and mass murder along with the long list of useless individuals starting up with vince foster as well as other minimal gatherings such as complete destruction of countries like Libya .

March 28, 2014 publishing ... my weekly radio present has become posted around the archive sub-webpage ... be part of me as i talk about ... 1) a whole new asteroid was just declared which includes "rings" such as saturn rings ... This provides a terrific chance to re-establish my function published in a very peer reviewed Area science journal on small moons forming rings about celestial objects ... 2) a new smaller Earth was just learned considerably beyond pluto although the obtain also arrived While using the realization the orbits are now being influenced by a substantial item (over ten times the dimensions of earth) "someplace on the market" ... just after my show of very last week where by i negated a modern NASA "review" saying there have been no Earth X different types of objects in this article we have other astronomers confirming that they know nothing at all concerning the regions of Room past pluto and Next that every one the data points to a sizable item to choose from of which they know nothing (or at the least usually are not declaring nearly anything) .

September 04, 2014 putting up ... my weekly present is posted about the archive sub-website page ... this 7 days i release my new book stated below now obtainable for sale ... jim mccanney

November 20, 2015 submitting ... as of these days this message stays the identical ( i are repeating this considering that last june when every one of the hoopla began concerning this fall "impending doom") ... REGARDING each of the announcements predictions and so on for fall 2015 AS I PREDICTED THIS WAS ALL Overall MISINFORMATION ... asteroids comets Earth x nibiru you name it Absolutely everyone which has a music and dance has designed a prediction ... Many individuals are asking my feeling ... I Will not MAKE PREDICTIONS Except if i have genuine verifiable data ... if another person demonstrates me True DATA that i can independently confirm I'll Permit you are aware of ... to date that has not took place ... so many of the chatter the majority of and that is complete non-sense isn't going to have earned remark .

On Peer Overview ... 99% of all research in science mathematics and engineering ... which includes the overwhelming majority of authentic enhancements ... Aren't published in peer reviewed journals ... Einstein under no circumstances released in peer assessment journals and openly distained them (particularly in the United states of america) for his or her snobbery and misuse of this system to monopolize many fields (his two peer reviewed publications have been prior to he arrived for the United states of america) ... i have a variety of early job peer reviewed publications in astrophysics and House science journals on the other hand I've refused to submit to This technique for a similar motives ... most fields of examine are harbored by small teams of ivory towered snobs who use peer critique to keep by themselves in and Some others out .

June 01, 2012 publishing ... my weekly radio display is now posted ... i concentrate on the ancient Tale from the swirling Pillar of Fire that extended from the ground into your sky as moses as well as israelites were being at the sting on the crimson sea ... what was happening at that time ... i really have to giggle at conventional science which has no rationalization for almost any of such phenomenon so they bury their head while in the sand and express that these gatherings under no circumstances transpired ... about twenty years ago archaeologists found Pharaoh's chariots resting in the sand at The underside of your channel in which the Israelites crossed the parted purple sea ... YES THESE Have been Actual Situations ... as Using the noah flood which was 40 times and evenings of torrential rain ... as Together with the fall of atlantis in an individual day of earthwide disaster ... i is going to be covering every one of these gatherings in terrific depth Down the road ... the public will start to learn for the first time the precise graphic specifics of those occasions as i examine them piece by piece and line by line .

February 24, 2012 publishing ... my weekly radio clearly show archive is currently posted ... for those who skipped the Stay broadcast then scroll into the archive sub-web page and pay attention as i continue on to mention the issues of World X different types of objects in other star-planetary systems And the way essential They're to advancement of daily life and geology And just how in standard science each and every key topic is ready to deny the pretty Godless box set Seasons 1-2 existence of the crucial mover and shaker ... pretty much necessary to make all the things transpire including the correct evolution with the planets and ecological and evolutionary enhancement on the species AND to forestall domination (monopoly) by a presented species .

October 21, 2016 putting up ... my weekly professional no cost radio show is currently posted about the archive sub-website page !!! Therefore the United states has gotten hacked hacked and hacked ... we are becoming so depending on computers and telecommunications that assured Everybody as well as their Excess fat freddy brother will almost certainly attempt to continue reading this hack us and cross our cyber frontiers ... in lieu of starting WWIII with russia read why Will not they fire the incompetent employees at your house Land Safety and NSA for botching our nationwide Personal computer safety ... and prosecute the persons like Clinton who produced all of it happen ... listen to my exhibit this 7 days as i mention cyber protection .

From the image One can notice that only the homes that ere within just, I might estimate to state, twenty five-thirty meters radius of the bottom touching Centre eye from the twister obtained severely damaged to the point the place the households were being absolutely destroyed or exploded from the stress variance.

November 28, 2013 ... 1 PM CDT ... NASA's SOHO knowledge continues to be hours guiding authentic time ... but now They're indicating (through spaceweather their tier II mouthpiece) which the nucleus needs to be disintegrating because the coma is finding particularly modest ... hear my present this night as I'll explain accurately why this impact is predicted by my Plasma Discharge Comet Product ... when comet ISON developed wings they said the nucleus would crack up and it under no circumstances did ... when it made a sunward spike they mentioned it absolutely was the nucleus breaking apart and it hardly ever did ... now the coma is shrinking because it will get close to the Sunlight they usually once again are saying it truly is breaking apart (but once again It's not necessarily) .

November 01, 2014 publishing ... numerous have emailed me about an alleged "evidence" that comet siding spring established a "flash" on mars allegedly recorded by some alleged astronomer (2nd hand no much less) posted on youtube (one among the greatest misinformation web-sites on the planet) ... this is simply not ... i repeat this IS NOT any kind of scientific proof or information ... the quantity of times provide the trolls that adhere to me tried to entrap me with this type of baloney hoping i would relaxation my scenario of questionable info .

September 11, 2012 submitting ... my weekly radio demonstrate archive is currently readily available on the radio archive sub-webpage ... the main science subject matter promotions with CALENDARS ... this is a have to hear present specifically for Young ones going back to highschool (which includes Grown ups and more mature college students who are having difficulties to piece collectively the heritage in their existence) .

November 09, 2012 putting up ... my weekly radio show archive has become posted within the archive sub-website page ...  the main science subject bargains with what the ancients called "the Purple Hand of Death" ... this was just on the list of plagues of ancient Egypt during the Moses celebration if the drinking water turned to blood and all was poisoned ... men and women and animals died ... before this there were plagues of insects that poured outside of the ground then the frogs ... then flies ... all the final results of a passing wonderful comet ... on my present this 7 days i speak about the Red Hand of Death as well as the physics of this phenomenon .

Oct 05, 2012 publishing ... my weekly radio demonstrate archive has become posted about the archive sub-web page ... THIS SHOW IS Essential LISTEN !!! MORE THAN A necessity LISTEN !!! i go over the orbit in the newly uncovered comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) ... sufficient reported ... go pay attention and find out ... and Again there isn't a other area in the world or During this finish with the galaxy where by you're going to get this critical in formation ... if you realize all of that most likely will come about with this large comet (Particularly to the Earth Mars) .

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